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17th August 2017

See the Shotover River from every angle as you take on the Shotover Canyon Combo - The ultimate Shotover experience - who's keen?!


10th August 2017

Check out this awesome photo our frontliner Megan took the other day up at Skyline. What an amazing view!

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9th August 2017

The Ultimate Combo - Conquer the whitewater rapids of the famous Shotover River before heading up the Skyline Gondola to zoom down the two 800m Luge tracks.


3rd August 2017

How to decide what to do in Queenstown?! Check out our epic Combos for the ultimate adventure!!

Make sure you don't miss a thing - http://www.combos.co.nz/

24th July 2017

Have you tried the worlds most exciting Jet Boat?!

Combo it up and make the most of your Queenstown Adventure!!


23rd July 2017

Thanks Challenge Rafting, Queenstown for sharing this awesome video! Anyone keen to do a combo with heli-rafting?


20th July 2017

Check this out - Top 10 Queenstown Activities produced by Stefan Haworth Photo!

What a place we call home aye!


18th July 2017

Our friends at Canyon Swing and Fox had a wee celebrity out to play. If Linda can do it, so can you! Why not pair it with something else to add some extra thrills? You know you want to!


11th July 2017

The Gondola looking snowy today. Have you ever gone luging in the snow? Check out our combos with Gondola and Luge at www.combos.co.nz

#QueenstownCombos #DestinationNZ #Queenstown #NZwinter

1st July 2017

Have you seen that snow!!!! What a day to jump out of a plane!!!

Snow-capped Mountains make the best videos - so book up your adventure and see what else can be added onto your epic Queenstown experience!


1st July 2017

Calling All Comboers!

Have you seen Skyline Queenstown's competition?! You can win a trip for two to Singapore!!!! All you need to do is post a photo of you up the hill and Hashtag #fiftyyearsoffun!

21st June 2017

Anyone brave enough to try the Canyon Fox???

If YES... which should be your answer, then add it to your bucket list as one of the ultimate tick box’s of Queenstown NZ

#shotovercanyonswing #queenstown #destinationNZ #canyonfox

16th June 2017

Who's done the Canyon Swing... Are you brave enough?!


5th May 2017

Happy Friday!

#QueenstownCombos #DestinationNZ #Queenstown #jetboat

19th April 2017

16th April 2017

Happy Easter one and all - now who wants to jump out of a plane?!


#QueenstownCombos #DestinationNZ #Queenstown #NZSummer #skydive

14th April 2017

Who's keen for some rafting over this long weekend - why not mix it up with a few other activities and go wild in Queenstown?!


27th March 2017

There are plenty of awesome activities to do in Queenstown NZ this summer - check them out here!


#QueenstownCombos #DestinationNZ #Queenstown #NZSummer #canyonswing #jetboat

22nd March 2017

Justin Bieber giving Shotover Canyon Swing a go - pretty awesome aye!

#queenstowncombos #nzsummer #queenstown #destinationNZ #NZAdventure #celebsinQT

22nd March 2017

What would you rather... Jumping off the Shotover Canyon Swing or jet boating down the Shotover river?

#QueenstownCombos #DestinationNZ #Queenstown #NZSummer #canyonswing #jetboat

17th March 2017

Crazy if you do, crazy if you don't!


#QueenstownCombos #DestinationNZ #Queenstown #NZSummer #skydive

10th March 2017

Queenstown, you BEAUTY! Not a bad view from the top of Skyline Queenstown

28th February 2017

The Sun is putting on a show for us - why not make the most out of some EPIC combos we've lined up for you?!


#QueenstownCombos #DestinationNZ #Queenstown

28th January 2017

Have you ticked off that Bungy yet? Why not mix it up with a combo!?


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6th January 2017

Combine all the thrills and excitement that Queenstown has to offer - from skydiving, bungy jumping to white water rafting, jet boating and helicopter flights!

Learn more or book your adventure at www.combos.co.nz

6th January 2017

Have you checked out our latest Combo Deals?!


31st December 2016

Happy New Year People - Get your party hats on and lets make 2017 the best one yet!

#QueenstownCombos #DestinationNZ #Queenstown #NZChristmas

9th December 2016

The Sun is out - Book Your Weekend up and make the most of this Awesome Sunshine!!

Jetboat, Raft, Skydive, Swing, Bungy or Heli - Whatever you're after - we have the perfect Combo :)


#QueenstownCombos #DestinationNZ #Queenstown #NZChristmas

2nd November 2016

Tick off your bucket list with a 9,000ft skydive over Queenstown! We have a number of combos with Nzone Skydive Queenstown to save you both time and money!

30th October 2016

Would you jump off the World's Highest Cliff Jump? Shotover Canyon Swing & Canyon Fox

26th October 2016

The snow may be gone but the views are just as majestic! Combo up Shotover Jet and a scenic helicopter flight with a trip to Skyline Queenstown.


18th October 2016

Rafting down the Shotover River is a fun experience you'll never forget!

14th October 2016

This 360 video captures the adventure - now come experience it for yourself with one of our exciting combos!

10th October 2016

Jumping off a ledge seems much for appealing with this legendary backdrop! AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown.

7th October 2016

The best view in town!

16th September 2016

Do it All in Queenstown NZ!

Combine all the thrills and excitement that Queenstown has to offer - from skydiving, bungy jumping to white water rafting, jet boating and helicopter flights!

Learn more or book your adventure at www.combos.co.nz

2nd September 2016

Queenstown has to be one of the most scenic places to jump out of a plane!

15th August 2016

Interested in the Shotover Jet or Shotover River Rafting? Why not do both with our Shotover Duo Combo - bit.ly/ShotoverDuo

5th August 2016

Fly above Queenstown for one of the best perspectives of the region! Check out our heli combos here: www.combos.co.nz/heli

2nd August 2016

Our friends at Harris Mountains Heliski are giving away an epic heli-ski break for two! Enter on Instagram by posting your favourite ski/snowboard shot and tagging @harrismountainsheliski and the #NZuntracked hashtag. Entries close Sunday 7th Aug!

1st August 2016

Queenstown looking like a real-life snow globe!

13th July 2016

Isn't New Zealand incredible?

11th July 2016

This is the real life Mario Kart! Try it out with our Skyline Queenstown combo deals.

8th July 2016

Heli-rafting fun on the Shotover River!

27th June 2016

Fun Luge Fact: The record number of Luge rides completed in a day was a whopping 70 rides at Skyline Queenstown?

14th June 2016

So many epic adventures to get up to in New Zealand!

13th June 2016

Nothing like jumping off a bridge in a winter wonderland!

4th June 2016

Winter is here, which means we'll be flying you into the canyon by helicopter for our Shotover River rafting trips!

2nd June 2016

Awesome views watching this mornings prize winners fly off on their heli-adventure from Skyline Queenstown.

#TotallyTourismAgentsBreakfast #QTcombos

30th May 2016

Queenstown, you're stunning.

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