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Are you an Influencer?

Are you an "Influencer" - a person or group who can influence the behaviour or opinions of others through various channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Blogs, Word of Mouth, Media etc.

Queenstown Combos Influencers

Queenstown Combos are presented with many opportunities every week to support different influencers in one way or another, so we need to determine the level of support given both in terms of time, resource and budget.

The below outlines three options for influencers that wish to approach us as a company and who are looking to experience our products.

Please read below before approaching us:

1. Key Opinion Leaders - a high level influencer, who has a large following across numerous channels, well respected within their industry and acting as an ambassador for the company and products they are being offered. They will be experienced and have a following of over 150,000 across each social channel.

Our Investment:

  • Product experience at no expense

 2. Established Influencers - influencers who have a well-established following of over 100,000 fans per online platform. Currently growing your fan base and are actively working with different tourism operators.

Our Investment:

  • 50% discount on product experience

 3. Up & Coming Influencers - active across a minimum of two channels, and have a following of at least 50,000 per channel.

Our Investment:

  • 25% discount on product experience


How do you get involved and what do you need to do in return?

The influencer must provide the following in return for a discounted trip:

  • Copy of 5 photos for social media/marketing purposes – including our product or brand (not including selfies)
  • A blog/article that must contain links to our website or social channels
  • Minimum of 2 social media posts to include appropriate tags/hashtags/handles included in our media kit

Influencers will need to pre-book their experience, and this will be at the discretion of the company to fit in with existing bookings. 

If you feel you meet the above criteria and are interested to experience our products, please contact us at stating what influencer tier you are and links to your websites and social channels, along with which product you are looking to experience and what dates you are wishing to book.

If you think you have unique circumstances, please to discuss. 

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